The Magical, Mystical World of Cocorrina & Co.


Looking into the magical, mystical world of Cocorrina & Co, I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented founder and graphic designer, Corina Nika. Within this exclusive interview, she discusses her own and the brands inspiring past, the sentiment behind her stimulating dreamlike work, design inspirations, and upcoming projects.


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1. Could you tell me a little about yourself and Cocorrina & Co?

Cocorrina was born in 2012 when I first opened a blogspot blog. It was my first endeavour to get out of my comfort zone and inspire myself to be a little more creative. I was born in Russia but at a very young age I moved to Greece and today I live with my husband and son in the Kefalonia Island. I originally studied architecture but very soon realised that my heart belonged to the graphic design world.

Having taken a few graphic design classes in college, I found myself taking online lessons to learn illustrator and coding while I was in bed for months after an 8 hour surgery. It was the most difficult but at the same time, the most transformative thing that ever happened to me.

Cocorrina today is a design studio/company that my husband and I co own. Me and my team work on all kinds of projects from branding, to packing, website and book design. The newest project I’m working on is the Cocorrina shop where I share my inspiration about the mystical cosmos, magical history and symbols in an artistic way.

While Cocorrina started as an inspirational design blog, it never stopped to inspire me, even until this day. People have always been a huge part of it, and with their encouragement and love, I took bigger and bigger steps with it every year.

2. If you could describe your style/aesthetic in one sentence, what would it be?

Textured, with a dash of magic and always different depending on the project.

3. What techniques and materials do you use to create your work, and which are your favourites & why? 

I use absolutely everything I can get my hands on. I never liked being restricted so I kinda broke the rules very early when it came to what a designer must and must not do. While other designers would hire illustrators to do a part of the branding, I’d sit and learn illustrating on my own to be proud of and say that my hands worked for a client from beginning to finish.

I mostly work digitally using Illustrator and Photoshop, but depending on the requirements of a project I will also use traditional tools like aquarelle, tempera, acrylics, crayons - you name it, I have it all in my studio. This year I’ve loved working with paper and creating collages, but at the same time I have been illustrating and lettering both digitally and traditionally. The sky is the limit and I always follow my intuition and imagination.

4. What influences and excites you and your work?

Everything around me. I couldn’t just name one thing as I feel everything I experience makes me a different person tomorrow and that affects everything I do. This is why I’ve gone through so many different styles and aesthetics in the past few years.

5. What about the creative process energises you the most?

Brainstorming and the action phase. I’m very inspired. When I get all these ideas taking over my brain, I feel like I will explode unless I open illustrator and start expressing everything into art. This process alone, the process of creating, is like an adrenaline shot to me.

6. What work/projects have you worked on in the past and which have been your favourite?

There are so so many, I couldn’t just name one once again. Every person and every project I have ever worked on has shaped me into what I am today. I have loved working with startup companies and individuals due to the relationships we’ve created and the creative freedom I’ve had, as well as being able to be a part of such an important phase in their life. But also big names like Anthropologie, Zara, Elie Saab etc have given me a feeling of excitement, a moment where I’ve felt proud and a feeling of relaxation that my hard work has been paying off.

7. Your work has a clear focus on astrology/the universe, what about these inspires you so much?

That is a part of my work, my personal work I’d say. But at the same time I have so many other personal projects that are not related to astrology and the universe. I feel like everything that inspires me needs to be explored in an artistic way in order to express it into something you can touch and see. 

My recent instagram project, moves around the universe, the moon and history of magic. I started designing black and gold line art totems about 3 years ago and it has always felt like home. Beginning of this year I took the leap and created a new instagram account that was meant to bring that magic into my life and once again inspire me to express that side of myself into art. 

This project is sort of a way for me to remind myself of the person I used to be and everything that made me feel mysterious and magical.

Check out her Instagram here.

8. What messages/feelings/responses do you want to convey with your work?

I feel that everyone feels differently when they look at art so I don’t think I could limit them. What I do hear a lot from people is that it awakens the same feeling that’s inside me. The love for the universe, that warm feeling of home - the universe and a sense of magic that lives in all of us.

9. Gold is a consistent colour throughout your work, what about it speaks to you?

I’ve always used gold on everything I do and everywhere in my life. It’s the sense of old magic it gives me, the warmth it creates when it’s combined with black. Gold also symbolises the spiritual path and in my mind I always imagined our souls to be in golden colour. So translating my designs into an actual experience it feels like it’s our souls returning back home to the universe.

10. What are you currently working on?

While I’m working with many rebrands and clients, I’m focusing on our new shop and working on new products.  We’re working on publishing a second run of my dream journal, a body product inspired by my love for the cosmos as well as something wearable, and I’m writing a book, hopefully, by the end of next year.

Make sure to check out the magical Cocorrina & Co online store and follow their Instagram to stay updated with their exciting anticipated future releases.