Murder on the Orient Express




A stimulating and stylish adaptation of the renowned novel by Agatha Christie, Kenneth Branagh perfectly envisions the opulent and classic nature of the murder mystery. The Murder on the Orient Express features an all-star cast that brings an effortless charm, matched by the gratifying cinematography thats endearingly nostalgic. The film does, however, lack in the absence of innovation to the plot. While this may be a favourable decision to many, the 2017 film does not add much to what previous adaptations have already told.

Regardless, this production provides a visually modern and captivating perception of the quintessential story, presenting an enthralled output that sets up a potential "cinematic universe" of Poirot films; with Death on the Nile set for release in October 2020 starring Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Tom Bateman, Anette Bening and Letita Wright.


Joshua GreenwoodComment