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Chanel has released their new make-up collection, Boy de Chanel, specifically targeted at men. The luxury brand have created three imperceptible, easy-to-use products in midnight-blue packaging for brighter skin, define brows, and soft lips - a foundation, eyebrow pencil and lip balm - all with the intention to produce a natural, enhanced look.

The foundation creates a smooth finish that brightens the skin and enhances the complexion giving off a natural, imperceptible appearance. Comfortable and easy-to-use, the fresh formula leaves skin unified and hydrated. The foundation comes in 8 shades from ‘light’ to ‘deep plus’, each with FPS 25 to help protect the skin.

The eyebrow pencil easily shades and defines the brows for a natural look. Retractable and duel-ended, it features a pencil on one end, and a spiral brush on the other end. The comfortable, waterproof formula lasts for up to 8 hours.

The lip balm has a matte finish that smooths and hydrates the lips for a natural-looking finish. Smooth and hydrate your lips with BOY DE CHANEL Lip Balm for a natural-looking result.

I have been using the foundation and eyebrow pencil for a couple of months now, however, I have yet to pick up the lip balm as I quite like the sheen from alternative products such as Vaseline. The foundation really enhances the skin having just enough coverage to perfect imperfections without the visual effect that you are wearing any make-up. The only negative I have with this product is the lack of shades. I have quite fair skin so use the shade ‘light’, however, unlike options from brands like Fenty and La Mer, there is no specific options for undertones due to the lack of variety.

The eyebrow pencil has been a product I’ve really enjoyed introducing into my morning routine. I use the shade dark brown and it really helps to naturally define the brow and shape them for a sophisticated, youthful look.

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