The Most Beautiful Apple Stores to Visit Around the World

Apple is known for its modern, minimalistic yet luxury designs, using Aluminium and Glass as the main components to create their iconic products, such as the iPhone and iMac. Keeping the design aspect of the brand consistent, they have continued this design into their stores using the same materials. Below are listed some most beautiful Apple stores from around the world.

Shanghai, China.

With a fully glass cylinder as an entrance and a glass staircase leading underground, the Shanghai store is one of the most beautiful and unique. An Apple logo is situated within the cylinder which lights up at night, making for a stunning piece of architecture.

Regent Street, London



The Regent Street store combines classic British architecture with modern design. Large glass windows and doors enable natural light to fill the space. Wooden detailing is used throughout for the stools, tables and shelves, adding a natural element which is complemented by the trees placed indoors.

Opera Store, Paris

The Paris Apple store encompasses the elegant French style. With intricate ironwork, grand columns and marble throughout, the store gives off an 18th century manor appearance.

Dubai Mall, Dubai

Singapore has been awarded the greenest city in Asia so Apple clearly wasn’t going to disappoint when they unveiled their most eco-friendly store to date in the heart of the city.

Foster + Partners are the firm behind the design of both the Singapore and London stores. With an abundance of foliage both inside and out, the entire store powers itself. The building is two-stories tall, featuring a 120-foot long all-glass front, further blurring the line between nature and the indoors.

It breaks down the boundaries between the inside and outside
— Steafan Behling, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners

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